RescueWave | Triage and Casualty Management in Real Time
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RescueWave is a completely new system that allows ambulance and search and rescue organisations to take operational command of multiple or mass casualty incidents. Whether the incident is spread over a wide area or involves a threat situation, RescueWave supports you by providing answers to the most critical questions. 

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RescueWave was developed to save lives in critical situations.

Providing you answers to the most important questions:

  • How large is the incident scene?
  • How many people have already been triaged and what was the result?
  • Who is still on scene and who has been transported already?
  • What other resources are required?

RescueWave is a technical solution that gives you what you need to take control of multiple casualty incidents.

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Scene information from the start – in real time

Reliable information about the incident scene right from the start of the response: the innovative triage device Rescue.Node automatically registers and marks the casualty location. Paper-based lists become superfluous.

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Triage by the turn of a hand

With RescueWave, paper triage cards are a thing of the past. With just a turn of the hand, the priority score is safely and securely applied to the patient by responders; the coloured electronic tag clearly visible at a distance.

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Targeted support during incident management

Because priority scores are automatically uploaded from the Rescue.Nodes onto Rescue.Board, the field-tested management tool, all the information is in one place where it is needed. Incident commanders and section commanders can all have access to live data, via mobile devices and tablets. Decisions can be made earlier and are then based on reliable information.

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Confidence at incident briefings

Rescue.Board provides a solid foundation for collaboration and decision making, with clear statistics based on real-time data. Avoid misunderstandings and reduce the need for additional clarification by radio. The system provides continuous support for all phases of casualty management in multi-casualty incidents.

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Patient care and data capture

RescueWave records all relevant patient data needed in the immediate response. Triage, transport and initial medical treatment information is captured and visible for incident commanders to access via the on the user-friendly Rescue.Board management tool. Search and rescue information and other personal data can also be added.

rescuewave advantage 4

Transport management – fast and intuitive

The software has been designed specifically for use at the scene; it allows you to allocate individual casualties to the correct receiving hospitals depending on their need. This will revolutionise multi-casualty incident management because of the speed and ease of triage scoring, meaning that the most injured can be identified and cared for first. With RescueWave  a patient will spend less time at the scene and transport resources can be used more efficiently.

Find out more about RescueWave – request further information, obligation free.

How we will support you

Our services:

With years of experience developing and implementing complex systems, we are the right partner for you.

With RescueWave we can support the implementation of digital processes into your ambulance service, so that in the future major incidents can be managed more quickly, efficiently and safely. We believe great customer service is very important for our users. Customer satisfaction and product quality are our main priorities. We measure this by our principle: Save lives.

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Understanding your needs:

Two things are very important to us: first that we develop a relationship built on trust and second, your continued satisfaction. Therefore our highly qualified staff will work together with you from the start to build a detailed solution and create the ideal package tailored to your specific needs.

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Customised system equipment

We will deliver you the right hard and software, ensuring our field-tested and robust RescueWave system takes your multi-casualty incident management to the next level. Customised to your requirements, we can put together a deliverable and cost-efficient solution, keeping your investment secure for the future.

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Installation and training

By request we can install the system at your site, taking on the technical project management. We will ensure that you have the training to make handling the system is easy and efficient.

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Service and Support

Regardless of the problem or if you have a suggestion, our service and support team is available around the clock to speak to. We will never leave you on your own.

Validated Support for your Incident Command

Field-tested by experts

The system, developed in various iterations, has been tested during realistic exercise scenarios, and optimised and aligned according to feedback from end users in the ambulance and rescue services, so that it can be easily integrated into existing, tried and tested procedures.


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Events, publications and events around RescueWave

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    On 18 July 2018, the vocational school for paramedics and the Competence Center Emergency Services (Berufsfachschule für Notfallsanitäter und das Kompetenzzentrum Rettungsdienst) will host the 2nd RETTcampus conference in Bayreuth. We will participate with RescueWave and are already looking forwar...

  • Live-Demonstration

    You are interested in RescueWave and will not be able to come to RETTmobil? We will gladly present our system on site and convince you of the massive advantages of the system. The ideal participants are: ÄLRD, LNA, OrgL and decision makers from the rescue service. Contact our team – we come t...

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Get in touch to find out more about RescueWave 

Want more information about RescueWave or have a question? Get in touch. We’d be delighted to tell you more about RescueWave in person, without any obligation on your part.

Contact us on:

VOMATEC Innovations GmbH

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By experts, for experts


RescueWave was developed collaboratively by VOMATEC Innovations, ITK Engineering and antwortING Consulting Engineers. Vomatec’s 25 years experience developing integrated software solutions for civil defence and safety was the ideal partner for ITK Engineering’s 20 year’s experience developing medical products. This was then complemented by antwortING’s emergency management and disaster relief expertise.

The result is a perfect combination of process know-how, software and hardware engineering, and communication, all wrapped up in one system. RescueWave; with this you can save lives.


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